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Norman® Ultra Shutters

Fine Furniture for Your Windows

From durability to style options to build quality, Norman® Ultra represents the culmination of years of innovation and craftsmanship.  By incorporating our very best ideas, design and knowledge – along with our best materials, you’ll see why we’re proud to call Norman ® Ultra our flagship shutter.

Made with 30% more wood, Norman® Ultra is bigger, stronger, and more robust.

Any shape. Any size. Any color.

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Norman® Ultra offers a wide range of customization options to fit your personal style. Whether it is a triangle, round or sunburst, we haven’t met a window that we can’t cover. With a multitude of standard colors and a custom color option to match your wall color or furniture, your design possibilities are endless.

See How It's Made

Built for a Lifetime

Traditionally used in demanding furniture and building construction, the mortise & tenon joints featured in Norman® Ultra are designed to withstand decades of shear and racking stress to ensure the prolonged quality of a shutter. The joint is crafted out of a mortise cut through the wood and a hearty tenon, which fits snugly into the mortise. The precision crafting creates a tight lock, without the need for extra screws or fasteners.

Beauty Beyond the Surface

A well-crafted shutter closes solidly, does not have unsightly gaps, and stays that way year in and year out. To accomplish this, each part of the shutter must be stable and can resist twisting and bowing. With the unique engineered stiles, multiple layers of wood are bonded together with pressure, heat, and polymer. The proprietary process imparts an intense level of stability and structural integrity to the cores and results in a robust support system for your shutters.

Quality in Every Detail

The patented wood drying techniques, Prescription Wood Conditioning®, are designed to reduce shrinking and swelling of each Norman® Ultra shutter. Our wood conditioning specialists determine the humidity conditions of each customer’s home location. The wood is dried to conditions emulating those of the final location. Drying to the proper environmental conditions ensures that shutters will close tightly, without gaps, and the result is a more solid and beautiful shutter for years to come.


Enjoy Your View

InvisibleTilt™, the embedded gear and pinion system, enables seamless louver tilting without a tilt rod for a more streamlined and modern appearance. Traditional “hidden tilt” systems hide a bar in the back of the panel, fastened by screws that loosen over time. This results in the panels closing unevenly and allowing light to creep in, plus wear and tear from loose screws scraping against your frame.

This breakthrough technology has no extra screws or fasteners that can eventually rattle, rust, bend, break or scuff over time. Its precise control over the louvers allows for tighter and more consistent closure throughout, while ensuring wider and more unobstructed views.

Experience InvisibleTilt™

Luxurious & Resilient

The secret to a handsome and durable shutter finish really isn’t a secret at all. It takes multiple sequences of sanding with progressively finer sandpaper to open the pores of the wood for coating and smoothing the surfaces. Each layer is finely coated with high-quality stain or paint. This labor-intensive process is the only way to achieve the translucent, deep finish of a Norman® Ultra Shutter.

Award-winning Innovations

Our best materials and technologies combined with award-winning innovations and every imaginable option to truly create fine furniture for your windows.

1 7 8 " Louver
2 1 2 " Louver
3 " Louver
3 1 2 " Louver
4 1 2 " Louver
2 " Camber Deco Frame
2 " Classic Deco Frame
2 1 2 " Mission Frame
3 " Ridge Deco Frame
Vintage L Frame
Beaded L Frame
1 1 4 " Beaded Z Frame
1 1 2 " & 2" Bullnose Z Frame
3 " Crown Z Frame
2 " Bel Air Z Frame
Direct Mount
Vintage Hang Strip

with Split Tilt

Standard Tilt
Offset Tilt

Minimum Dimensions

6 in Width
12 in Height

Maximum Dimensions

Unlimited in Width
144 in Height

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Norman® Ultra Shutters?

Norman® Ultra Shutters are shutters made from 100% premium selected hardwoods. Made with 30% more wood, they are one of the biggest, strongest, and best performing shutter on the market.

How are Norman® Ultra Shutters Built?

Norman® Ultra Shutters are constructed using the most advanced woodworking techniques. The wood is climatized to the moisture content of where the shutters will be installed to minimize twisting, cupping and bowing sometimes found in ordinary shutters. Engineered stiles and mortise and tenon joinery, along with a fully adjustable heavy duty hinge, add to the product durability and assurance it will last a lifetime.

Do hardwood shutters increase home value?

Yes, shutters in general are one of the few window treatments that actually increase the value of your home. Home buyers usually recognize the elegance and value associated with installed shutters.

How long do Norman® Ultra Shutters Last?

Norman® Ultra Shutters are designed and constructed to last a lifetime.

Begin to Create Your Perfect Norman® Ultra Shutter

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