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Rectangular Window Treatments

Unlimited Options

Rectangular windows are the most common shape for custom window treatments and come in a number of different styles and operating methods.  This widespread shape gives you unlimited window treatment options to choose from.  Select from a variety of shutters, blinds, and shades.  Find the perfect color to complement your interior design sense.  You can even choose the material or fabric that brings the whole room together.  No matter what your personal needs are, rectangular windows’ everyday appeal makes it the window treatment with the widest array of selections.

Benefits of Rectangular Window Treatments

Rectangular windows are some of the most popular window styles. They’re simple in design and function, making them a perfect fit for many homes. The widespread appeal and popularity of rectangular windows make them easy to shop for, as most window coverings are designed with rectangular windows in mind. They also have the most widespread choices when it comes to treatments and customization ability, allowing you to craft the perfect window covering for your personal taste and style. Since they are the most common type of window shape in a home, rectangular window treatments are available in any number of coverings, such as shutters, blinds, or shades.

Woodlore® Shutters

These best-selling shutters feature an environmentally-friendly wood composite that adds a sustainable touch to any home. The advanced composite materials also make these shutters incredibly durable, while easy to clean and maintain. With their modern look, Woodlore® shutters create the perfect balance between form and function. They contain superior thermal resistance up to 140℉ and integrity against cupping or warping, as well as provide unparalleled privacy and light control for your rectangular windows. They also come in a variety of colors, including bright white tones and moody, gothic grays.

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Woodlore® Plus Shutters

Admired for their timeless beauty, Woodlore® Plus shutters are available in an array of colors and louver sizes to match any decor. Made with durable ABS material and an aircraft-inspired structure to prevent deformation over time, these shutters provide superior light control and privacy while adding charm and character to your rectangular windows. Safe for homes with small children, these shutters are engineered for superior strength and rigidity, designed to last a lifetime. They also feature ultra-smooth operation, so you can open and close them with ease.

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Normandy® Shutters

Excellent craftsmanship meets modern technology with Normandy® Shutters. This collection of shutters is designed for resilience and  offers the look of wood with low maintenance and superior durability. The patented Prescription Wood Conditioning® is designed to reduce the shrinking and swelling of each Normandy® shutter by determining the humidity conditions of the shutter’s final location and emulating them, ensuring the shutter will close tightly without fear of any distortion caused by environmental damage. With 48 paint and stain options to choose from, you can also customize your Normandy® Shutters to match the interior design of any room.

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Ultimate™ Faux Wood Blinds

For those who prefer complete privacy control, Ultimate™ Faux Wood Blinds are a perfect choice. Traditional blinds will typically place their route holes in the middle of each slat to run cords through, allowing light to leak through even when completely closed. The innovative SmartPrivacy® design incorporated within Ultimate™ faux wood blinds instead places route holes in the back of each slat, creating a more complete light blocking and room darkening environment. Ultimate™ faux wood blinds come in white or wood inspired colors and feature an upgraded cordless lift system for added safety and convenience. These faux wood blinds are a popular choice for rectangular windows in bedrooms, family rooms, and other intimate areas where privacy is important.

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Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades

Looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency? Our Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades provide superior insulation while filtering light and providing privacy. The unique honeycomb construction keeps your room feeling comfortable year-round by trapping warm air in the cells, creating a layer of heat between the window and the home. These are available in sheer, light filtering, or room darkening fabrics in a variety of on-trend textures, colors, and patterns. Plus, they are perfect for large windows with the incorporation of SmartFit®. SmartFit® utilizes edge-gripping technology which enables the shade to firmly attach to the window for a smooth operation and secure fit while the decorative solid frame emulates the look of custom molding surrounding the shade. Never worry about the shade falling away from the window again—this window covering will always stay secure.

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PerfectSheer™ Shades

Modern and elegant, this rectangular window treatment solution is perfect for any room in your home. With the PerfectSheer™ Shades, you can enjoy natural light while maintaining privacy and controlling sunlight. Equipped with an easy-to-use cordless operation, PerfectSheer™ Shades are safe for children and pets and are perfect for family homes. Constructed with alternating sheer and solid fabrics, these shades provide soft, warm tones to help create a cozy atmosphere in any room with their light and airy design. Available in multiple colors and textures, they even come with built-in thermal liners that help block out drafts.

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I love my blinds!… Love them!

Melanie S.

Quality product, with great features, and details. Nice color selection.

Stacy S.

Great product. I love how they look and the ability to open top or bottom for sunlight in the room.

Audrey S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dress a rectangular bay window?

Rectangular bay windows provide a unique opportunity to add texture and pattern to your space. A great option is to use shutters with custom bay posts for an eye-catching look. Customize your shutter to perfectly complement your existing interior design while maintaining the potential for light control and privacy.

What are the three basic categories of window treatments?

There are three main categories of window treatments: shutters, shades, and blinds. Shutters are hardwood or wood composite panels with decorative frames that fit right into the window and provide light control and privacy through the tilting of louvers. Shades come in a variety of materials and fabric options, and can be raised or lowered with cordless operation. Blinds are made with slats that can be rotated to adjust the amount of light entering the room.

What is the trend in window treatments?

Rectangular window treatments are becoming increasingly popular due to their easy construction and operation. Rectangular windows come in all sizes, so they can be used to fit any space. From honeycomb shades to plantation shutters, there are many different types of window treatments that can be used for rectangular windows.

What is the best window treatment for large rectangular windows?

Plantation shutters are a great option for large rectangular windows. They provide insulation and privacy, while also allowing you to adjust the amount of light entering the room. They come in various color options & materials and can be customized to fit your space. Honeycomb shades are another great option for large windows as they are lightweight and easy to raise or adjust. Since they typically have a small fabric stack, the shade virtually disappears from the window, allowing great views to the outside without compromising interior design.

What can I use to cover a large window?

If you have a large window, you can opt for SmartDrape™ or Synchrony™ vertical blinds. Both treatments are suited for particularly wide windows, while maintaining intuitive handling and functionality. Ensure the perfect level of privacy and illumination on even your largest rectangular windows.

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