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AutoWand™ Motorized Shades: Convenience & Style

Shade Motorization Made Simple

AutoWand™ Motorized Shades are innovative window coverings that offer the convenience of motorized operation while retaining the look of classic window shades.

Equipped with a built-in motor and a wand-like control, adjust the position of your shades with ease, for optimal privacy and light control. No need to find a remote control, simply raise or lower your shades with a quick push of a button. 

Easy & Eco-friendly Recharging

Built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries eliminate the use of ordinary batteries and the need to replace them. Simply connect the micro-USB to the bottom of the wand pendant for an easy and eco-friendly recharging experience.

Child & Pet Safe

Best for Kids certified, AutoWand™ Motorization allows you to decorate your home without having to worry about the safety of your loved ones. The completely cord-free design eliminates unsafe and unaesthetic free-hanging cords.

Intuitive Operation

You won’t need to read a user manual or watch a lengthy video tutorial because AutoWand™ Motorized shades are designed for a seamless user experience. The minimalist wand features only three buttons for raising and lowering your shades, making operation easy and intuitive.

A reliable power source with a rechargeable battery keeps your shades and solar shades running smoothly.

A Perfect Fit For Your Window

A big part of stylish-looking window shades is an excellent fit. A 2 ft wand is a great choice for small windows, or select a 5 ft or 6 ft wand for large windows, tall windows, and hard-to-reach windows. Customize your AutoWand™ Motorized shades to find the perfect fit for your unique window.

Choose Your Favorite Design

The innovative AutoWand™ is compatible with our best-selling window treatment designs: 

  • Soluna™ Roller Shades: sleek roller shades available in three different opacities, to reduce glare or block light entirely, and a range of on-trend fabrics.
  • PerfectSheer™ Shades: soft and elegant, a banded, layered shade with a sheer fabric vane shade creates a sleek and modern effect.
  • Centerpiece™ Roman Shades: luxury custom draperies with a tailored finish, resulting in sleek and modern shades.

Explore Motorized Shades!

Norman® is the industry leader in next-gen motorization solutions for window coverings. Seamlessly integrated with our high-quality artisan-crafted designer shades, AutoWand™ motorization is capable of creating light control preferences tailored to the schedule for your day.

Our innovative motorization is not only technologically advanced but also budget-friendly, helping you cut down on energy costs without breaking the bank.

For the best selection at an affordable price, explore all our products with your nearest Norman® Retailer.

AutoWand™ Shade Motorization

Frequently Asked Questions

What are motorized shades, and how do they work?

Motorized shades are window coverings equipped with an electric motor that allows for different ways of control. It ranges from wand, remote control or even mobile device app options enabling users to open, close, or adjust the position of the shades with a touch of a button.

Are motorized shades energy-efficient?

Motorized shades are energy-efficient. The ease of operation enables users to adjust the position of the shade when needed, reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating or cooling, ultimately conserving energy.

Can I install motorized shades in my existing windows?

Yes, motorized shades are often designed to fit most window treatments with the appropriate installation.

What are the benefits of motorized shades over traditional manual shades?

Motorized shades offer ultimate convenience. You can raise and lower the shades with a push of a button. They are also great for those tall or hard to reach windows. Additionally, the absence of cords or chains makes them a safe option for homes with small children and pets.

Are motorized shades noisy during operation?

Motorized shades are typically designed to operate quietly with minimal noise levels and should not be disruptive in most rooms.

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