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Synchrony Vertical Blinds

The World of Synchrony™

A refinement on an iconic solution, Synchrony™ Vertical Blinds combine the traditional practicality of vertical blinds with the improved durability and performance of modern technology.

Synchrony™ is a vertical blind perfected.

Synchrony™ Vertical Blinds

Minimum Dimensions

18 in Width
36 in Height

Maximum Dimensions

120 in Width
120 in Height

Frequently Asked Questions

What are vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds come with vanes hanging off the headrail in a vertical orientation. The cordless design makes the vertical blinds great for covering extra wide windows and sliding doors, while also being child and pet safe.

Are vertical blinds good for privacy?

Vertical blinds are great for light and privacy control. Tilt the vertical vanes to your desired position to maintain the level of privacy you need, while also allowing some natural light to come through.

What are the benefits of vertical blinds?

Offering the utmost in dependability and UV protection, Synchrony™ Vertical Blinds appeal to nearly any room design and offer an array of colors, textures, and advanced features that will elevate your style, comfort, and safety, including flame resistant technology.

Are vertical blinds safe for kids?

The cordless design of our vertical blinds operates effortlessly and has been certified "Best for Kids™" making it a child and pet friendly option.

Begin to Create Your Perfect Synchrony™ Vertical Blind

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