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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

For anyone experiencing SmartFit® Dual Shade with Frame for the first time, its difference can be felt immediately. The separation of the shades allows fabrics to come in any color and opacity, making the design possibilities endless. The dual shades working in tandem mean you can raise or lower either fabric independently, resulting in more privacy and light control flexibility. Not to mention, honeycomb shades with added frames are more energy efficient which creates greater comfort for your interior.

Experience SmartFit® Dual Shade

Features & Benefits

Choose from a wide array of fabrics options, light filtering, room darkening and sheer. SmartFit® Dual Shade with Frame has a stylish answer for any design or light control needs.

2 " Camber Deco Frame
2 " Classic Deco Frame
3 " Ridge Deco Frame
3 " Crown Z Frame
1 1 2 " & 2" Bullnose Z Frame
2 " Bel Air Z Frame
1 1 4 " Beaded Z Frame
Beaded L Frame
Vintage Hang Strip with Insert

(No Light Block)

Vintage L Frame with Insert

(1/4" & 3/4" Light Block)

Minimum Dimensions

14.75 in Width
12.25 in Height

Maximum Dimensions

209 in Width
92 in Height

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