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Arched Window Treatments: Shades, Shutters & Blinds

Arched Window Treatments

At Norman®, we offer a variety of arched window treatments for interior applications. Our range includes practical faux wood blinds, modern cellular shades and elegant shutters. 

Also known as eyebrow arches or half-moon arches, they can enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your space by adding character. With our arched window shades and blinds, you can easily control the amount of light entering your home, providing both privacy and improved energy efficiency.

Why They Can Be Challenging

Although aesthetically stunning, arched windows can be tricky to cover due to their unique shape. Traditional window treatments such as drapes, curtains, and rods may not be able to fit into the contours of an arched window properly. These architectural designs often require a custom order for arched window treatment. The good news is, Norman® offers the perfect solution for this design challenge – arched window blinds, shutters and shades.


Shutters for Arched Windows

Love the clean lines and luxury look of custom arched window treatments? Norman®’s arched shutters are the answer. Our custom options help you achieve a well-crafted fit that isn’t improvised or forced. 

Handcrafted with premium materials, Norman® ‘s Woodlore® Plus and Brightwood™ all feature innovative designs that have revolutionized their stability and strength, making these products more durable than ever! In addition to custom colors, our timeless shutters are built to fit any size and any shape of window or door. 

Arched Shutter

Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are among the top choices for treating arched windows. Cellular shades are our go-to pick because they offer efficient insulation and come in arched sizes for a snug fit. They even have the ability to block the sun’s glare and offer optimal privacy while maintaining the beautiful arched shape of the window.

Want to reduce energy costs and elevate the style of your space? Norman®’s specialty-shaped Portrait™ honeycomb shades effectively trap heat and can adapt to any arched window. They’re an excellent choice for striking a functional and stylish look.

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Complement with Blinds

If you appreciate the beauty of natural light, it may be worth considering getting blinds for arched windows that have a palladian shelf. Ultimate™ Faux Wood Blinds with a palladian shelf can cover most of the arched window, except for the top part of the arch. This feature lets in a moderate amount of natural light without compromising privacy or control over the amount of light entering the room, resulting in an open and breezy atmosphere. Or opt to cover the rest with honeycomb shades!

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They added a beautiful architectural element to our home and in addition provided privacy needed.

Suzanne S.

They are a wonderful addition to our home! They add such a classy finished look to the house!

Kimberly S.

I love the window treatments very much and they are a great addition to our home.

Alan S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cover an arched window?

Due to their special shape, arched windows can be challenging to cover for homeowners. The best options for covering an arched window include arched window blinds, shutters, and cellular honeycomb shades.

What are the benefits of arched window treatments?

Arched window treatments offer insulation, privacy, improved energy efficiency, and light control. You can enjoy the view without too much light coming in. They can also help enhance the look of a space by adding style and character to the interior design.

Can you use two types of window treatments at the same time?

Yes. One popular window treatment solution is complementing shutters or shades with blinds. By combining two different types of treatments, you can create the style you desire and enjoy more light control and privacy in areas such as the bedroom, and living room, as well.

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