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Living Room Window Treatments

Entertain in Style

Impress your guests with dapper style and options a plenty.  Each one of our product lines comes with a multitude of colors and materials, allowing any interior to become significantly customizable.  Find the right color pairing to match any home decor, or select the fabric that just brings the whole room together.  No matter the look, we have high quality window treatments to suit any style and budget.

Choose the right living room window treatment for your home. Norman®’s custom blinds, shutters & shades come with a lifetime warranty. Inquire today!

Benefits of Living Room Window Treatments

Living rooms are often multi-purpose spaces that serve as a place to entertain guests and relax with family. Window treatments can provide privacy when needed, whether you’re watching a movie or having an intimate conversation. Living rooms can also be susceptible to temperature changes, whether it’s from the sun streaming in or heat escaping through the windows. Treatments can help regulate the temperature of the room, making it more comfortable year-round. Natural light is also often present, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Too much light can make it difficult to watch TV or work on the computer, but window treatments can help filter the light and reduce glare when needed.

PerfectSheer™ Shades

Featuring 100% woven construction, PerfectSheer™ is a shade with an innovative design that layers three woven fabrics together with advanced technology. PerfectSheer™ offers privacy control in a new and elegant way. A step up from your traditional shade, it combines a banded, layered shade with a sheer fabric vane shade for a sleek and modern effect. This sophisticated transitional light solution allows you to choose from room darkening or light filtering fabrics, and easily adjusting the amount of light entering your space by transitioning to sheer material to create the optimal ambiance.

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Soluna™ Roller Shades

Need living room window treatments that are family safe and functional? Soluna™ Roller Shades utilize the PrecisionLift™ Cordless lift system which allows you to raise and lower the shade without the hazard of cords or wands. The exclusive cordless one-touch lift technology gives you quick and accurate control over your desired level of natural light and privacy with a simple movement. When total light control is needed, take advantage of our room darkening shade with LightGuard 360™ for a complete room-darkening solution guaranteed to help you create the perfect environment for family movie nights.

At Norman®, we don’t believe in sacrificing style for function. You can choose from our collection of 300+ luxury on-trend fabrics ranging from sheer to room darkening, in an array of color options. Complete the look with one of our top treatment options offered in Soluna™, tailored to complement your interior design aesthetic.

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SmartDrape™ Shades

SmartDrape™ is an intelligent shading solution that is easy to use and maintain. With no hazardous cords, it is an award-winning choice for families who want a sophisticated style without compromising on practicality. Perfect for indoor-outdoor transitional spaces, SmartDrape™’s unique individual vane construction lets you walk through the shade whether it’s opened or closed so you can enjoy easy access to your patio door or favorite bay window.

Delicately architectural, SmartDrape™ is not heavy or dated, but is constructed of individual fabric vanes in a sheer material to create an airy floating effect. Select from a vast collection of patterns and color palettes to enhance your design experience.

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Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades

With Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades, innovation meets beauty. The unique cell pocket architecture insulates and keeps your home more comfortable year-round, reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bill. Portrait™ Honeycomb fabrics offer 3 different opacities from sheer to light filtering to room darkening, and even come in a variety of specialty shapes such as arches, quarter-rounds, and more.

Enhance your cellular shades with award-winning innovations such as SmartRise™ cordless and SmartRelease™ one-touch lift systems, and SmartFit® with Frame for an elegant and crisp finished look.

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Centerpiece™ Roman Shades

Centerpiece™ Roman Shades are a modern, sophisticated window treatment crafted in the spirit of old-world tradition. Browse our gallery of luxury fabrics, including Libeco fabrics that were handcrafted in the prosperous textile industry of Belgium, among many others. These 100% organic high-quality linens are uniquely made with flax fiber, resulting in strong, long-lasting textiles that will elevate the elegance of any room.

Choose from three timeless fold styles: Flat fold, Flat fold with Batten Back, and the Soft fold to customize your look. Lining options are available to gently diffuse light or increase privacy, and an AeroLite™ lift system can be utilized for a convenient and child-safe cordless experience.

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Normandy® Shutters

Experience the beauty of natural hardwood shutters that can stand the test of time. Normandy® stained shutters are proudly crafted from Paulownia hardwood which features handsome wood graining and natural character. Prescription wood conditioning is used on all Normandy® Shutters to reduce shrinking and swelling and the wood drying process emulates the environmental conditions of your home.

Constructed with mortise & tenon joints, uniquely engineered stiles, and an InvisibleTilt™ embedded gear and pinion system, Normandy® shutters are designed to last for decades. Their structural integrity ensures that there’ll be no need to replace screws or worry about warped and bowing joints down the road. Make a selection from a number of luxurious and resilient wood finishes and customization options to fit any size and shape.

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Woodlore® Plus Shutters

Woodlore® Plus is a wood composite hybrid shutter utilizing lightweight yet durable ABS for its louvers. A tough and versatile material, ABS co-polymer is waterproof optional and won’t chip, scratch, or dent. Crafted with wide panel capability and breakthrough InvisibleTilt™ technology, these shutters help you enjoy more unobstructed views. Woodlore® Plus Shutters are truly the shutters of the future and are a favorite pick for young families. They now come in more color options than ever before and any shape or size you can imagine.

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Ultimate™ Faux Wood Blinds

Unmatched performance meets unparalleled style with the Ultimate™ faux wood blinds. Traditional blinds can fail to close tightly, rotate easily, and align correctly. SmartPrivacy® technology was engineered to solve these frustrating issues. Their patented design secures the slats in place so they won’t fall out or become misaligned while increasing privacy and reducing light leaks. The cordless lift system, which keeps slats level, is convenient and “Best for Kids” certified. The valance-free headrail is the polishing touch. Fully customizable, it is modern and sturdy, adding crisp clean lines to your window treatments.

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“These now complete my home and I love them!”

Susan M.

“I love my new Norman shutters! They are beautiful and make my house look like a totally different place.”

Paula B.

“My husband and I loved them. I was the reason that we got the plantation shutters. I’ve always wanted them and they are perfect for this particular house.”

Suzanne F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of window treatments are best for a living room?

There are many types of window treatments that can be used in a living room, but the most popular are blinds and shades. Shutters and drapes are also common choices, but it really comes down to your personal style.

Does keeping shades closed affect living room temperature?

Yes, it can. If you want to keep your living room cool in the summer and warm in the winter, consider investing in insulated shades. Insulated shades work by trapping air between the window and the treatment, which can help regulate the temperature in your living room. Investing in a window treatment solution like Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades can help keep your space at a comfortable temperature and result in energy savings.

Which living room window treatments allow light but aren’t too sheer?

Opaque drapes and light filtering shades are great options. Smart design light filtering shades like Norman® Soluna™ Roller Shades will repel almost 100% of incoming light on one side and add a boost of aesthetic colors and patterns on the other.

Are there motorized window treatments for a living room?

Yes! Motorized window treatments are becoming more and more popular. They’re especially convenient if you have large windows or hard-to-reach windows. Norman® USA offers a wide variety of motorized window treatment options for your living room. From shutters to shades, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

Can you put faux wood blinds in the living room?

Yes! Faux wood blinds are a great option for living rooms. They add a touch of elegance and can be customized to match your existing room décor. Faux wood blinds may be preferable to natural wood blinds in circumstances when real wood may be damaged by sunlight or heat.

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