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French Door Window Treatments: Top Quality & Design

Why Consider French Door Window Coverings?

French doors are made of glass panes and are often used as entrances to patios, gardens, or other outdoor areas of the home. These elegant doors allow for copious amounts of natural light but lack the privacy control that many homeowners desire for safety and security. 

French door window coverings are the perfect solution for complementing your interior décor while maintaining privacy, temperature and light control.

Benefits of French Door Window Treatments

French doors are a timeless interior design mainstay that offers a chic way to bring fresh air and light into interior spaces. A classic alternative to basic sliding doors, they help to divide and define your space. 

Adding on-trend, functional window treatments to your French doors can provide benefits such as additional privacy against prying eyes, personal light control for restful sleep, comfortable temperature control during harsh weather, and an enhanced design aesthetic to complement any space.

Shades for French Doors

Choosing the best window shades for your French doors involves determining aesthetic compatibility, the purpose of the room, and your budget. Determine the primary purpose of the room where the French doors are located and consider your top priorities such as light control or energy efficiency. Your shades should complement your French doors and the existing decor, so select the color, pattern, and texture carefully.

Portrait™ Honeycomb Shade with SmartFit®

Sought after for its thermal insulation, energy efficiency, and sound absorption properties, the Portrait™ Honeycomb Shade with SmartFit® integrates advanced engineering design with a modern aesthetic. This innovative system easily retrofits existing French doors without compromising on functionality or style. Made from lightweight polyester fabric, this window treatment is ideal for both light control and privacy. 

A unique feature of SmartFit® is its edge-gripping technology which enables the shade to firmly attach to the glass area on the French door for a smooth operation and secure fit. The decorative solid frame also emulates the look of custom molding around the window. Never fuss with trying to get the fabric back in place again—this treatment will always stay secure.

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Soluna™ Roller Shades

Soluna™ Roller Shades from Norman® are the perfect choice for those who want a streamlined, contemporary look. These shades are made with high-quality materials and construction to ensure superior functionality. With its sleek design, this window treatment solution offers both style and function, through a wide range of on-trend colors and fabrics that provide privacy and personal light control. 

Soluna™ Roller Shades also come with a room darkening option, which is perfect for those who need mood and ambiance for French doors that enter a bedroom or living space. The room darkening fabric option helps block out more external light than your average light filtering option, providing optimal privacy and desired darkness for the rooms that need it.

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Shutters for French Doors

Window shutters are a versatile and trending option for French doors. Wood and faux-wood shutters both provide excellent light control, privacy, and can elevate the overall design of your room. Similar to shades, they are simple to operate, easy to clean, and crafted with quality materials built to last a lifetime.

Normandy® Shutters

Normandy® Shutters are a popular choice for French door window treatments because of their versatility. Privacy and illumination can be controlled by tilting the louvers, allowing the option for personal preference. These hardwood shutters are also expertly crafted to last a lifetime and meant to withstand decades of shear and racking stress to ensure the prolonged quality of the shutter. 

Multiple layers of wood bonded by pressure and heat assure that Normandy® Shutters will never warp or sag over time, imparting an intense level of stability and structural integrity for years to come. And with multiple cut-out options for French door handles ranging from curved to square to even angular, you’ll have a lot of variety when it comes to customizing your French door shutters to fit your personal interior decorating style.

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Woodlore® Plus Shutters

Woodlore® Plus Shutters provide a classic, timeless look for French door window treatments. Crafted with safety and durability in mind, these shutters are designed with lightweight yet durable ABS material and an aircraft wing-inspired structure. Built to last a lifetime, Woodlore® Plus Shutters feature an intricate but hidden structural support that is substantially stronger and more rigid. 

Unlike hollow vinyl products, Woodlore® Plus Shutters can withstand high heat and scorching temperatures from direct sunlight. This intense structural integrity ensures that the shutter will never sag or fade, making them ideal for french doors in patios, kitchens, and other interior-exterior spaces.

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Design and Style Tips

Decorating with French doors is all about striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics while considering your personal style preferences. Try incorporating window coverings into your current color scheme with complementary accent palettes to create contrast and patterns to make a focal point. 

Add interest by introducing rich textures with Roman shades, your choice of fabric with cellular shades, or hardwood material with wood shades. Coordinate with your existing interior design by choosing minimalist window treatments for a sleek, modern look, or more classic options for rustic or traditional design.

Explore various options for French door window treatments with Norman® USA

Whether your primary goal is privacy, light control, energy efficiency, or aesthetics, Norman® has an incredible selection of budget-friendly window treatments for French doors to choose from. Between the wide variety of colors, material selection, and hardware and installation, it can be challenging to know where to start. Our team of experts is ready to help you customize the perfect window treatments to suit your unique needs. Explore all the advantages Norman® has to offer!


We love the quality, ease of opening and closing, and the look has completely changed the feel of the rooms that were updated.

Kathy H.

I’m SO pleased with my purchase! All of my window coverings are beautiful.

Carol C.

We were beyond pleased with the product… I’ve already told my neighbors about them.

Lisa B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of window treatment for french doors?

The best type of window treatment for french doors depends on your desired outcome. In general, shutters and shades are preferable to curtains or drapes because they are more versatile and usually provide better light control, privacy, and temperature control. Fabric curtains do not stay in place, and may drag or snag on the doors.

Can you put shutters on french doors?

Yes, there are several types of shutters that can be used on french doors. Norman USA® offers a wide selection of custom-made shutters, including various cut-outs to ensure that the shutter is customized to your tastes and will not obstruct your door handle. Choose from curved, square, or even angled cut-outs to create your perfect french door shutter!

Do roller shades work on french doors?

Yes, roller shades are an excellent solution for french door windows. Norman USA® offers Soluna™ Roller Shades which can create a clean, modern look to your space. These shades can be easily adjusted to allow light in while providing privacy when needed. They also come with a wide variety of on trend colors and automatic lift options.

Can you put honeycomb shades on French doors?

Yes, you can add honeycomb shades to your french door windows. Norman USA® offers the Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades collection which features a variety of colors and fabric options to choose from. These shades provide excellent light control and privacy while also adding a functional layer of insulation to any room. And with the added SmartFit® installation, you can secure the shade steadfast against the glass area through its edge-gripping technology & solid frame. Never fuss with getting the shade to perfectly cover your window, Portrait™ honeycomb with SmartFit® will cover your french door from end to end.

What should I consider when choosing French door window treatments?

Consider the easy access of the window treatments, especially if the doors are frequently used. The best window treatments will match your existing decor and be made with durable material for everyday use. Blinds, vertical blinds, and French Door Shades all offer great light control. Curtains and drapes are not recommended.

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