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Brightwood™: Unmatched Craftsmanship

Premium quality at an affordable price.

Best-in-Class Premium Shutters

Brightwood™ takes the best parts of our Woodlore® and Normandy® shutters and births a beautiful premium shutter at a fantastically affordable price. The EcoSmart wood composite frame combined with premium hardwood panels adds style and extra build options without breaking your budget. Wider panels mean sleek modern design, while customization remains at the forefront with an entire palette of premium paint colors and hardware selections. Create the perfect premium shutter for your home with Norman®’s Brightwood™.

No matter the window – Brightwood™ is a more affordable way to cover windows in any size, any paint color, and any shape.

Brighten and Believe

From Brightwood™’s naturally elegant hardwood panels to its premium color palette to its extra capable custom options – including the ability to design extra wide panels – the extra style and value of Brightwood™ can be enjoyed immediately.

Endless Possibilities

With the ability to build each panel to our highest maximum dimensions, Brightwood™ is ready for whatever your dream design demands; whether that be sliding patio door applications, large window expanses, or innovative indoor-outdoor solutions. Brightwood™’s wide capabilities are the perfect enhancement to modern decor and comfort, and to give your room a sleek and streamlined look with more view to the outside. With Brightwood™, the extent of our craftsmanship is endless.

Enjoy Your View

InvisibleTilt®, the embedded gear and pinion system, enables seamless louver tilting without a tilt rod for a more streamlined and modern appearance. Traditional “hidden tilt” systems hide a bar in the back of the panel, fastened by screws that loosen over time. This results in the panels closing unevenly and allowing light to creep in, plus wear and tear from loose screws scraping against your frame.

This breakthrough technology has no extra screws or fasteners that can eventually rattle, rust, bend, break or scuff over time. Its precise control over the louvers allows for tighter and more consistent closure throughout, while ensuring wider and more unobstructed views.

Experience InvisibleTilt®
1 7 8 " Louver
2 1 2 " Louver
3 " Louver
3 1 2 " Louver
4 1 2 " Louver
2 " Camber Deco Frame
2 " Classic Deco Frame
2 1 2 " Mission Frame
3 " Ridge Deco Frame
Vintage L Frame
Beaded L Frame
1 1 4 " Beaded Z Frame
1 1 2 " & 2" Bullnose Z Frame
3 " Crown Z Frame
2 " Bel Air Z Frame
Direct Mount
Vintage Hang Strip

with Split Tilt

Standard Tilt
Offset Tilt

Minimum Dimensions

6 in Width
10 in Height

Maximum Dimensions

Unlimited in Width
132 in Height


The shutters are just beautiful, more beautiful than I could even imagine.

Ruth P.

The shutters look absolutely wonderful and enables better control over light coming into the house.

Edward M.

I love my new Norman shutters! They are beautiful and make my house look like a totally different place.

Paula B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Brightwood™ Shutters made of?

Brightwood™ shutters are made of an EcoSmart wood composite frame combined with premium hardwood panels to add style and extra build options without breaking your budget.

What colors are available for Brightwood™ Shutters?

Brightwood™ is available in a diverse palette of premium paint colors, providing a wide range of customization options for the home. Custom paint is also available in Brightwood™ shutters. The design possibilities are endless.

What windows are Brightwood™ Shutters for?

No matter the window - Brightwood™ shutters are an affordable way to cover windows in any size or shape. Brightwood™ shutters are perfect for sliding glass doors or French doors as well.

What special options are available for Brightwood™ Shutters?

Brightwood™ shutters can be customized to include innovative InvisibleTilt® or PerfectTilt™ G4 motorization, allowing you to adjust the louvers easily. Try Bi-fold 180™ shutters for sliding doors & extra wide windows, or DayNite™ shutters for the ultimate blackout solution.

How do I clean my Brightwood™ Shutters?

Brightwood™ shutters can be cleaned by utilizing a dry feather duster, cloth or vacuum with brush attachment to gently remove dust and debris.

Begin to Create Your Perfect Brightwood™ Shutter

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