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Quality Isn't Just A Catchphrase, It's Our Heritage

With 50 years of excellence in crafting fine window furnishings,  Norman®’s quality has made it famous.  It’s what drives Norman® to innovate and why you will see it in every detail.  Few companies will farm their  own wood, make their own components, or weave their own cords.  At Norman®, everything matters and anything is possible.

Norman® strives to exceed the highest industry standards. That’s why Norman® is focused on leading the industry in quality, service, selection and value. From our patented performance and safety enhancing techniques, award-winning product designs, to our socially responsible processes in manufacturing and forestry, Norman® has a history of defining the future.

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To Be The Best You Have To Do It Yourself

Norman® is a vertically integrated original manufacturer in our industry.  Which means we design, manufacture and assemble many of the components that go into our products.  Other companies primarily rely on others to manufacture their component parts which they then assemble.

Our method ensures you receive innovative and high quality products. We then back that with a Lifetime warranty so you know your purchase will stand the test of time.  We never compromise on the things that matter the most.

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Fashion For Today, Timeless For Tomorrow

Think of your windows as a blank canvas.  Through shapes, lines, colors, opacities, textures, movement and materials, the sky is the limit.  At Norman® we strive to offer you boundless possibilities – not just in terms of colors, fabrics and styles, but also in the design of our products.

Our goal is to put you in control; to make it easy to choose exactly what you want and how you want it; and to elevate your everyday window covering needs into an expression of distinguished style and taste – without compromises.


Child Safety

Did you know that window blinds are among the top five hidden hazards in U.S. homes according to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission?

Norman products are produced to some of the highest safety standards and complies with U.S. safety standards for window coverings. Additionally, effective January 1, 2022, Norman has taken a leadership role by discontinuing products with free-hanging lift and tilt cords.  Learn more about our window coverings safety consumer education campaign.

How We Used Social Media to Promote Child Safety



What’s New with Norman®?

Award-Winning Products

We’ve been bold in our quest to craft window furnishings that match the lives of our customers, and we’re honored to be recognized for those efforts.

Best New Style ConceptUltimateTM Normandy® Wood Blinds Premium Colors
Best New Style ConceptNorman® Smart Motorization
Best New Technical Innovation
SmartFit® Dual Shades with Frame
Best Technical Innovation
Ultimate™ Cordless Faux Wood Blinds
Best New Style Concept
Synchrony™ Vertical Blinds
Best Marketing Technology
Virtual Dealer Showroom
Best Point of Sale Display
Norman® E-Toolkit
Product Design
SmartRise™ G6 Cordless
Product Design
Windsong Woven Honeycomb Fabric
Best of the Best
Product Design
Product Design
Light Shielding Vertical Blinds (Synchrony™)
Product Design
Power Bar 2.0 (Coming Soon)
Product Design
Motorization Hub (PerfectTilt™)
Product Design
Motorization Hub (PerfectTilt™)
Product of the Year
Day & Night SmartFit®
Judge's Award
Best New Technical InnovationDay & Night SmartFit®
Best Technical Innovation
PerfectTilt™ G4 - Green Solution
Best New Technical InnovationSmartDrape™
Best New Style Concept
Best New Technical InnovationPerfectTilt™ G4


Norman® innovation is driven by a commitment to quality, safety, and a solution-based approach. Through continuous improvement, our aim is to create a wide selection of beautiful and seamless window furnishing solutions for every type of window or door opening.

Norman® Smart MotorizationOur exclusive shade motorization system has an optional wireless charging wand that makes recharging the motorized shade easy and safe.
PrecisionLift™ CordlessFeaturing an exclusive one-touch lift technology for quick, accurate and nimble control. Raise and lower with no additional pulling or tugging.
SmartRise™ CordlessOur patented SmartRise™ Cordless Lift System enables easy raising and lowering of the shade. The reliable, self-leveling shade is Certified Best for Kids for its safe operation.
PerfectTilt™ MotorizationControl an entire house of shutters with the convenient remote or utilize the App to open and close your shutters even when you're not home.
SmartDrape™'The best in seamless indoor-outdoor living. Walk through the shade even while it is closed.
InvisibleTilt™Tilt louvers like magic with no visible tilt rod. A built-in gear driven system tilts flawlessly with precise tight control.
Prescription Wood ConditioningOur wood shutter's moisture level is customized to its final destination. The unique drying process helps reduce post-installation shrinking and swelling.
SmartPrivacy® TechnologyAward-winning patented SmartPrivacy® Blinds provide tighter closure and concealed route holes for extra privacy and less light penetration.
SmartFit® Dual Shade with FrameAdd a sleek and elegant frame to your SmartFit® Dual Shade. A great solution for square windows, French doors, skylights or side lights. The frame ensures light and privacy control on all sides.

U.S. Based With A Global Reach

Norman is a global company with production and sales support facilities throughout the World.  We’ve made significant investments to bring you the highest quality products possible including new state-of-the-art production facilities in Dallas, TX and Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico and our new U.S. Headquarters in La Palma, California.  Our global sourcing strategy allows us to procure the finest raw materials available.


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