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Portrait Honeycomb Shades

The World of Portrait™

With rich materials, and an even richer history, Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades feature award-winning designs, exclusive options and industry leading construction – no matter what the elements have in store.

Portrait™ –  More Choices,  More Comfort, More Energy Efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Choose from hundreds of fabric options, 6 cell sizes and a multitude of lift systems — including child-safe cordless and motorized options. Portrait™ has a stylish answer for any lifestyle or light control need.

SmartRise™ Cordless Our innovative SmartRise™ Cordless Lift System enables easy raising and lowering of the shade. The reliable, self-leveling shade is Certified Best for Kids for its safe operation. Motorized Raise or lower your shades with the push of a button. Our quiet, energy efficient motors deliver convenience and consistent performance. Certified Best for Kids. SmartFit™ The award-winning, cordless shade adjusts from the top or bottom with no dangling cords in the middle for unobstructed views and less light leakage. SmartFit™ with Frame Add a sleek and elegant frame to your SmartFit™ Shade. A great solution for square windows, french doors, skylights or side lights. The frame ensures light and privacy control on all sides. Large Windows Portrait™ Honeycombs Shades are a great solution for difficult to cover large windows. Our patented SmartRise™ Cordless Lift System delivers the widest/tallest cordless shade in the market. Vertical Solution Our sliding solution is a polished way to add style and insulation to patio doors, sliders and large windows where energy loss is often overlooked. Also great as room dividers. Multiple Cell Sizes Choose from 6 cells sizes to match the look and scale of your window or door. Energy Savings Solar heat passes through windows in the summer, while indoor heat escapes in the winter. Our honeycomb shades protect against energy loss with the trapped air pocket design. Specialty Shapes Select from the most popular specialty shapes to provide a total cellular solution. Our array includes arches, triangles, quarter rounds and more. Light Control Control how much light enters your room. Choose from a translucent sheer to light filtering to room darkening. Or pick two fabrics for a flexible day & night shade.

SmartFit™ Dual Shades

Portrait™ Motorized Cellular Shades

Minimum Dimensions

8.5 in Width
6 in Height

Maximum Dimensions

146 in Width
144 in Height

Begin to Create Your Perfect Portrait™ Shade

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