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Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades

Experience energy efficiency and stylish design.

See the Difference of Cellular Shades

With rich materials, and an even richer history, Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades feature award-winning designs, exclusive options, and industry-leading construction – no matter what the elements have in store. The simplicity of a fabric shade meets innovative insulation engineering in this modern cellular design. Contemporary style, clean lines, and high-performance design allow Honeycomb shades to instantly elevate any room.

Types of Honeycomb Shades

Single-cell shades have one layer of cells or pockets, while double-cell shades have two layers of cells. Our innovative Honeycomb Shades feature a unique D-cell structure, which provides unparalleled insulation and makes it our most energy-efficient product. 

A state-of-the-art honeycomb structure traps air between the cells to help keep your space at the optimal temperature in every season. Nearly as budget-friendly as standard blinds, upgrading to honeycomb shades is an affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Portrait™ Honeycomb shades come in a wide variety of on-trend colors and delicately textured fabrics to match your decor. Their compact design is artfully minimalist, offering a crisp look that won’t distract from your view. 

Reduce Energy Costs with Style

Utilizing unique construction and advanced materials, Portrait is made to insulate better. Experience fabric technologies that will make you feel more comfortable and save on energy.

Solar heat passes through windows in the summer, while indoor heat escapes in the winter. The circulation of indoor and outside air is also a cause of energy loss. Portrait™ honeycomb shades can significantly protect your home from these types of energy losses by trapping air between the pocket architecture – creating a more comfortable living environment year-round, while helping you leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Flexible Light Control Options

Portrait™ Honeycomb fabrics offer 3 different opacities from sheer to light filtering to room darkening. Room darkening and blackout fabrics significantly calm and darken rooms, up to 100% of UV light. Light-filtering fabrics block approximately 90% of UV light and help to create the perfect mellowed-out area. With sheer fabrics, they block as little as 49.9% of UV light for beautifully softened views of the outside and warm gentle light coming in. For complete darkness blackout shades are an ideal option.

Sound Absorption Capabilities

A stand-out advantage of honeycomb shades is their unique ability to dampen noise. This sought-after quality makes them a great choice for children’s rooms, living rooms, or any other area where making the most of space matters without compromising on style. 

Beauty + Functionality

Our fabric collection introduces a new era of luxury, style, and innovation. Offering a look that’s rich yet streamlined, sharp yet soft. The innovative D-cell structure offers a crisp modern look as well as dimensional stability.

Select from a wide range of whites, off-whites and neutral tones. To create a breezy linen look, choose our high-fashion fabrics from the heritage inspired woven collections.  Not to mention, our flame resistant fabrics are made to provide you extra peace of mind.

Cordless Options for Convenience and Safety

When safety is a top concern, opt for the sleek look of a cordless system that eliminates the dangers of cords: a perfect solution for homes with kids or pets. Cordless honeycomb window shades are a stylish addition for an added level of security as well as versatility for adjustable light control. 

A Great Choice for Patio Doors & Sliders

The cord-free sliding solution is a polished way to add color, style, and insulation to patio doors and sliders, some of the biggest window openings in the house where energy loss is often overlooked. It is also a perfect way to section off rooms.

The optional Day and Night shade, like two shades in one, features two fabrics for the ultimate design and light control versatility.

Norman® Smart Motorization

Utilize the freedom of adjusting your shades without leaving your comfortable environment. With Norman® Smart motorization, you can find your perfect shade position using an intuitive remote control or your phone. 

Compatible with standard Bottom Up as well as Top Down Bottom Up and Day & Night honeycomb shades, Norman® Smart motorization is designed to keep your convenience in mind. Feel free to reposition multiple shades as you see fit using a single touch of a button. The internal battery can be easily recharged, allowing for reliable performance for years to come. 

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

For anyone experiencing SmartFit® Dual Shade with frame for the first time, its difference can be felt immediately. The separation of the shades allows fabrics to come in any color and opacity, making endless design possibilities. 

The innovative split control, which allows each shade to be independently operated, enables new ways to position the shades for the optimal amount of light, privacy, and view. What’s more, multiple shades can be horizontally joined to create a stylish and energy-efficient option for extra wide window expanses.

Selecting the Best Honeycomb Shade

  • Materials: Look for shades constructed with top-quality materials like polyester. Materials can also offer greater light control, with fabric in different opacities.
  • Correct Size: Make sure that you measure the width of your window before you order a shade. Cell sizes fall into three categories: Small (3/8″), Mid-Size (9/16″ and 1/2″), and Large (3/4″ and 1 ¼”).
  • Customization: Consider customizing your honeycomb shades. You can select the color, material, and size that fits your design style.

Norman® Smart Motorization

Norman® Smart Motorization - TDBU & DayNite

3 8 " Single
9 16 " Single
3 4 " Single
1 1 4 " Single
1 2 " Double
3 4 " Double

Day & Night Shade


Top Down


Bottom Up

Continuous Cord Loop

Day & Night Shade

Continuous Cord Loop


Continuous Cord Loop

Top Down


Day & Night Shade


Top Down Bottom Up

SmartRise™ Cordless

Dual Shade


with Frame


for Sloped Windows


for Sloped Windows with Frame

Patio Vertical
Patio Vertical

Day & Night Shade

Minimum Dimensions

8.5 in Width
6 in Height

Maximum Dimensions

146 in Width
144 in Height


The shades are great!

Don S.

Excellent quality and installation!

Frank D.

This is a great product. They are extremely well constructed and the ease of installation is superb.

Kenneth J.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are honeycomb shades?

Honeycomb shades are a type of window covering using a unique honeycomb or cellular design, which consists of layers of fabric forming individual cells that resemble honeycombs when viewed from the side.

Are cellular shades and honeycomb shades the same?

Cellular window shades are also known as honeycomb shades. They offer more energy efficiency than pleated shades and cellular blinds because of their honeycomb construction.

Are honeycomb shades good for temperature control?

Yes, the honeycomb structure creates air pockets that provide insulation. These air pockets in double cell shades help to trap air and retain heat during colder months and prevent excessive heat from entering during warmer months.

Can honeycomb shades enhance privacy?

Yes, honeycomb shades enhance privacy by blocking the view from the outside while still allowing natural light to filter into the room. Depending on the chosen fabric and colors, honeycomb blinds can also offer varying degrees of light filtration or blackout capabilities.

How do you clean honeycomb shades?

To spot clean window treatments, add mild soap onto a slightly damp rag and dab at the spot. Do not rub the spot, as it could cause some damage to your honeycomb shades.

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