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SmartDrape™ Shades

Experience smart living with an award-winning design that mirrors the elegant look of drapery.

Sheer Innovation

Soft like drapery and delicately architectural, SmartDrape™’s undulating sheer and fabric vane construction is specially made to bring you style, versatility and seamless indoor-outdoor living, with the added ability to travel through the shade without opening or closing. SmartDrape™ also boasts easy maintenance as the fabric panels are machine washable, ensuring effortless cleaning for your convenience.

SmartDrape™ – Experience the Space

Experience SmartDrape™

Elegance Meets Functionality

SmartDrape™’s award-winning design echoes the look of soft fold drapery and provides the utmost in privacy and light control, while helping you to get the most out of your space in style with its collection of on-trend whites, off-whites, and grays. The unique individual vane construction lets you experience one of its two  different built-in opacities. Setting your shades to “open”, you’ll be able to view the sheer side which comes in a variety of patterns, such as circles and teardrops, while granting you a clearer view of the outside and better illumination. Rotate your shades to “closed” and you’ll activate the light filtering or room darkening capabilities, while still having the option to walk through the vanes as needed.

You Are in Control

Go from a sheer to solid fabric with a simple twist of the wand; open or close the vanes completely by sliding the wand across the shade. The award-winning design is certified “Best for Kids” and free from pull cords that can be a harmful risk to young children and pets. Engineered to be low maintenance and a joy to operate, SmartDrape™ is a practical, family-friendly solution brimming with sophistication and style. Be in control of your window coverings, not the other way around.

Great for Patio Doors & Windows

Sometimes window coverings can seem like a barrier between you and the outside. Navigating them can feel like a chore, and has led people to use their outside spaces less frequently. SmartDrape™’s unique individual vane construction lets you walk through the shade whether it’s opened or closed. Whether on extra wide windows, patio doors – or just about any window or door SmartDrape™’s award-winning design opens up your home to the outside again.

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Experience the difference in opacity with SmartDrape™'s open and closed positions.


See the viewing options available with SmartDrape™.


SmartDrape exceeded my expectations and I love the way it enhances my home décor.

Vanessa K.

Very satisfied with the quality.

Michael F.

I am extremely pleased with the quality and appearance!

Marybeth P.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SmartDrape™ Shade?

SmartDrape™ is a vertical sheer shade offering undulating sheer and fabric vane construction that are specially made to bring you style, versatility and seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Are SmartDrape shades cordless?

Norman® SmartDrapes™ are “Best for Kids” certified. The cordless operation will provide you years of reliable use and peace of mind. Additionally, their individual vane construction allows users to easily walk through the shade whether opened or closed which is especially safe for children and pets.

Are sheer shades a good option for wide windows?

Norman® SmartDrapes™ can handle extremely wide windows or patio sliding doors. A single shade can go up to over 12 feet wide. Two shades can be installed side by side to cover up to 26 feet wide.

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