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Kitchen Window Treatments

Beautiful Treatments for the Heart of the Home

In many homes, the kitchen is the central gathering place. From quick breakfasts before work or school to preparing dinners at the end of the day, the kitchen must constantly adapt to shifting lighting needs. That’s why the right kitchen window treatment is essential, helping reduce glare, control light and privacy, and set the right mood for your home’s focal point of food, fun, and family. 

Explore our selection of high quality kitchen window treatments to find the right one for your unique needs.


Benefits of Kitchen Window Treatments

Adding the right treatment to your kitchen windows offers a range of benefits, including the ability to ensure ample light during the day and privacy at night. Bring natural morning light during your first cup of coffee to set the tone for a perfect day, reduce the midday glare while cooking meals, or ensure desired privacy for family dinners at night. From reducing energy usage and saving on utility bills to creating the right design aesthetic for your tastes, the perfect kitchen window treatments can do it all.

PerfectSheer™ Shades

For the highest level of elegance when it comes to managing light, color, and shadow in your kitchen, consider our PerfectSheer™ shades. From ample natural light to the tightest closure on the market in its category, the PerfectSheer™ line offers multiple ways to adjust, customize, and enjoy. It’s no wonder they’re one of our most popular options for kitchen windows.

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Soluna™ Roller Shades

Soluna™ roller shades offer a sleek and modern solution for privacy, light control, and beautiful design. Built around a top-of-the-line hardware system that’s durable and easy to use, the Soluna™ line combines style, versatility, and durability to spare— all in a wide range of colors, textures, patterns, and opacity levels to fine-tune your perfect kitchen window treatment.

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SmartDrape™ Shades

Combining the convenience of vertical blinds with the soft and delicate architectural impact of drapery, SmartDrape™ shades bring style, versatility, and convenient light control to patio doors adjacent to your kitchen. And there’s no need to open or close the blinds— SmartDrape™ shades allow you to travel through the shade.

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Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades

Portrait™ honeycomb shades represent an award-winning fusion of industry-leading construction, elegant design, and supreme functionality. The advanced honeycomb design supports excellent insulation and energy efficiency while the wide selection of options for fabric, print, and color make this one of our most fully customizable options available. And don’t forget to explore our range of award-winning lift systems, including the certified cordless and motorized options that are certified “Best for Kids™”.

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Centerpiece™ Roman Shades

Soft, luxurious, and tailored to your unique design aesthetic, Centerpiece™ roman shades embodies the best of the best in beautifully functional shade design. Safety is central thanks to the innovative patented AeroLite™ cordless system, which is as child-safe as it is convenient and easy to use. Experience the quality and durability of re-engineered hardware, advanced lifting technology, and—of course— visually striking design.

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Normandy® Shutters

Our Normandy® shutters are sourced from reforesting timber plantations, resulting in 100% premium hardwood shutters that are as luxurious as they are sustainability produced. Features include multiple hand sanding finishing techniques, wider panel options, and over 50 rich paint and stain colors to create the perfect esthetic for your taste. Provide open views or private retreats with equal ease thanks to the elegant design of Normandy® shutters.

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Woodlore® Plus Shutters with Waterproof Option

Woodlore® Plus shutters combine eco-friendly wood composite construction with a patented medical grade polypropylene coating to ensure safety and durability. And the optional waterproof addition enhances resistance to moisture, shrinking, or warping for areas of the home with high moisture content, such as the kitchen. These shutters provide the perfect combination of beautiful design aesthetic, long lasting durability, and affordable value to make them an excellent choice for kitchen window treatments.

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Ultimate™ Faux Wood Blinds

A popular choice for kitchen windows, our Ultimate™ faux wood blinds represent the best light control and privacy available in a cordless blind. We’ve also incorporated innovative new features such as pivoting bottom rails and our award-winning patented SmartPrivacy® technology. Durability, convenience, and privacy combine in the Ultimate™ collection.

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“We just want to sit in the kitchen now and stare at our wonderful shutters.”

Ruth P.

“My home not only looks more finished but so luxurious!”

Phoebe B.

“The shutters are beautiful, and versatile … very happy.”

Jan J.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best window treatments for a kitchen?

Privacy, light control, and adaptability are the most important factors to consider for kitchen window treatments. The kitchen needs to function equally well in the morning, afternoon, and evening, so the best window treatments are those that allow for fine-tuning of light and privacy at various times of day, such as our Ultimate™ faux wood blinds or our SmartDrape™ shades.

Can you put Roman shades in a kitchen?

Centerpiece™ roman shades are an excellent choice for kitchens, as they offer a perfect blend of durability, light control, privacy, and convenience. However, to maintain their beauty, we recommend that roman shades be installed away from direct cooking areas or windows with direct exposure to grease, steam, or water.

Do kitchen and living room window treatments have to match?

There is no hard-and-fast rule that kitchen and living room window treatments must match. The decision on whether to match kitchen and living treatments depends on the rooms’ proximity to each other, the style of the home, and of course the design tastes of the homeowner.

What is better for kitchen: blinds or curtains?

Generally, blinds are a better choice for kitchens as they’re less likely to become stained by food and cooking materials. Kitchens are a high-traffic and high-usage area, so ease of cleaning should be a factor when selecting your window treatments.

Can you put honeycomb shades in a kitchen?

Yes! Portrait™ honeycomb shades are a fine choice for kitchen window treatments. They’re easy to use, allow for excellent light control, and allow in light even when closed to provide both privacy and natural light. To maintain their beauty, we recommend honeycomb shades be installed away from windows with direct exposure to grease, steam, or water.

Are faux wood blinds OK in the kitchen?

Yes, Ultimate™ faux wood blinds make for an excellent kitchen window treatment. Durable, versatile, excellent for light control, and easy to clean— all features that make faux wood blinds great for the kitchen.

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