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8 Window Treatment Trends & Ideas for 2024 Published 2/16/24 The window treatment trends of 2024 marry form and function seamlessly, showcasing a blend of classic elegance... Roller Shades vs. Solar Shades: What’s the Difference? Published 2/9/24 Roller shades feature opacity levels and are designed to provide varying degrees of light control and privacy,... What are Roman Shades? A Complete Guide Published 2/7/2024 What is a Roman Shade? The ever-present appeal of Roman shades lies in their ability to combine the... What are Solar Shades? All You Need to Know Published 12/13/2023 Solar shades represent a contemporary and energy-efficient solution in window treatments, seamlessly merging style with practical functionality.... What Are Venetian Blinds? All You Need To Know Published 11/7/2023 Venetian blinds are a popular and versatile window treatment known for their timeless appeal and practicality in... California Shutters Guide: All You Need To Know Published 11/07/2023 California shutters are a classic and versatile window covering that has significantly impacted the world of interior... Ensuring Window Coverings Safety: A Must for Every Home Published 10/25/2023 Window coverings are an integral part of any home’s decor, offering privacy, light control, and style. However,... Blinds vs. Curtains: Which Should You Choose? Published 10/10/23 The age-old debate between blinds and curtains is still going strong among homeowners and interior designers alike.... Roller Shades vs. Roman Shades: Which One’s For You? Published 10/10/2023 The confusion between roller shades and Roman shades typically arises because both are made from fabric and... Blinds vs. Shades: Know the Difference Published 10/10/2023 Blinds and shades are household staples. Blinds typically consist of horizontal or vertical slats that can be...

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