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Solar Shades: High-Quality & Versatility

Designed to control sunlight, heat, and glare, solar shades provide a balance between natural light and privacy while reducing UV rays. With a sleek and modern design, Solar shades have gained popularity for their energy efficiency, and ability to reduce reliance on artificial lighting and air conditioning.


What are Solar Shades?

With so many iterations of shades on the market, many homeowners are wondering, what are solar shades exactly? Solar shades are window treatments constructed from specialized fabric that allow you to maintain a view of the outside while blocking or filtering sunlight. 

Typically available in standard roll or reverse roll, they are a popular option because they offer similar energy savings to cellular shades and comparable motorization features to cordless blinds. However, sun shades are the superior product for regulating heat and harmful UV rays while allowing ample amounts of light into your home.

The Benefits of Solar Shades

Crafted with next-gen materials, indoor solar shades are the right window treatment to complement modern style. They offer a wide variety of benefits for any room in the home:

  • Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: regulate indoor temperatures and reduce the need for excessive heating or cooling. Cut energy costs by optimizing natural light and minimizing the use of air conditioning and artificial lighting during the day.
  • Protection from Harmful UV Rays: solar blinds block or filter UV light, safeguarding furniture, flooring, and other interior elements from fading and damage.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Aesthetic Appeal: enjoy privacy without compromising the view during the daytime. Solar shades offer nighttime privacy with a sleek and modern design that enhances the overall aesthetic of the space.
  • Preserve furniture and flooring: help in maintaining the integrity and color of furniture and flooring by reducing exposure to direct sunlight and UV radiation.


Soluna™ Solar Shades

Sleek and refined, Norman’s® Soluna™ Solar Shades effectively block UV rays to protect your furniture and flooring without sacrificing your view. Most of Norman’s® interior solar shades feature a modern look and are made from 100% polyester, unlike most others that are made of PVC or a blend of PVC and polyester. 

Their softer, more natural, odor-free, solar shade fabrics are devoid of the undesirable off-gassing odors and plasticky feel associated with most PVC solar screens. These solar window shades are a customer favorite for home offices because they eliminate annoying glare and can cover even large windows. 


Motorized Solar Shade Options

Motorized solar shades offer convenient and automated control through remote or mobile devices, combining the benefits of roller shades with advanced technology. Choose from several top treatments and cordless lift systems including our award-winning PrecisionLift™ cordless option.

Customize the movement of the shades, allowing users to set their preferred positions. Enhance the safety of your window treatments and protect the small children and pets who share your home.

How to Choose the Right Solar Shades

They are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Custom solar shades allow you to pick all the right features for your unique needs. Here are the top factors to consider as you shop for the perfect choice:

  • Openness Factor: consider the openness factor, which determines the amount of light and view the shades allow. Higher openness levels (e.g., 5% or 10%) let in more light and provide a clearer view, while lower factors (e.g., 1% or 3%) offer more privacy and the greatest light filtering.
  • Transparency: select transparency based on your preferences for natural light and outside visibility. A more sheer fabric for a softer light, or opt for a more opaque material for increased privacy.
  • Color and Design: choose a fabric color and design that complements your interior decor. Consider whether you want the shades to blend in or stand out as a design element. Neutral colors are versatile, while bolder choices can add a punch of personality.
  • Budget: determine your budget for solar shades, as prices can vary based on factors like material, size, and features. Factor in the long-term energy efficiency benefits and potential cost savings associated with higher-quality shades.
  • Automation: decide if you want motorized control options for hard to hard-to-reach larger windows. Consider factors like remote control, smart home integration, and programmable features.

Get the Perfect Solar Shades with Norman®

Explore our new line of Solar Shades available in numerous colors, textures and patterns designed to meet your light control and privacy needs. Norman®’s energy-efficient Solar Shades strike the perfect balance between functional aspects like openness factor and automation, and aesthetic color and design and trends. Contact our design experts to learn more about customization options and find a great product today!


Q: Are solar shades suitable for all windows?

A: Solar shades are versatile and can be suitable for most windows, but the choice depends on factors like window size, how much light needs to be filtered, and window shape.

Q: Do solar shades block all light, or can I still enjoy natural sunlight?

A: Solar shades do not block all light; they are designed to filter or diffuse sunlight without light gaps, allowing you to enjoy natural light while reducing glare and offering UV protection. 

Q: Do solar shades help with energy efficiency?

A: Yes, solar shades contribute to energy efficiency by regulating indoor temperatures, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and minimizing the use of heating and cooling systems.

Q: Are motorized solar shades difficult to install and operate?

A: Motorized solar shades can be relatively easy to install, and their operation is straightforward. There are many resources on the website under Customer Care. For a custom fit, contact one of Norman® retailers near you.

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