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Bedroom Shutters

When selecting bedroom window treatments there are usually two major concerns, privacy and light control.  If your bedroom windows are facing public spaces you don’t want prying eyes to be able to look in but you still want to allow in.

Bedroom shutters are great for being able to create privacy and control light and balancing both.  This is accomplished by opening and closing the shutter’s louvers to achieve the desired affect.  To maintain privacy while allowing light to enter your shutters can ordered with a split tilt where the bottom section can remain closed and the top tilted open.  Because they are custom made you can determine where you would like the split to occur.

When complete darkness is essential, consider our DayNite Shutter which has a room darkening shade behind it to block light from coming through the closed louvers.

Explore each of our shutter lines to determine which features and benefits work best for you.

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