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Sidelight Blinds & Window Treatments

Customized Options for Unique Spaces

Designed to enhance natural light, add aesthetic appeal, and offer a glimpse of the outside while maintaining privacy, sidelight windows are a unique space for window treatments. These narrow but tall windows let in natural light and the right custom window treatments can enhance their style and functionality.

Why Can Decorating Sidelight Windows Be Tricky?

Finding the perfect sidelight window treatments can be a challenging task, as users often encounter issues related to size variations, privacy concerns, and aesthetic compatibility. With their extensive range of customizable options, including sizes tailored to fit various sidelight dimensions, Norman® emerges as the premier option for tackling these challenges head-on.

Types of Sidelight Blinds

Crafted with precision and natural elegance, these blinds seamlessly blend with any decor, offering a classic appeal that stands the test of time. These blinds offer a versatile solution for enhancing privacy, controlling light, and adding a touch of aesthetic charm to your space.

Ultimate™ Normandy® Wood Blinds

A durable and sustainable choice, Ultimate™ Normandy® Wood Blinds are fully customizable in a variety of finishes and slat sizes. Distinctively grained and eco-sourced Ultimate™ Normandy® Wood Blinds provide elegance and quality that’s immaculately refined.

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Ultimate™ Faux Wood Blinds

Ultimate™ Faux Wood Blinds have emerged as the best blind on the market. Crafted from the highest-grade PVC composite material, they resist warping and fading better than regular blinds. Experience enhanced room darkening with cordless operation for extra convenience and safety. They work well on skinny windows and are a simple solution to entry doors.

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CityLights™ Aluminum Blinds

Whether your space is traditional or modern, CityLights™ Aluminum Blinds offer a sleek look and seamless integration, making them a versatile and budget-friendly choice for any décor. 

Made from premium-grade aluminum slats, CityLights™ are built to withstand daily wear and tear, with easy maintenance they’ll last for years to come.

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Sidelight Shades

Sidelight shades offer an excellent solution for privacy, light control, and a touch of refined elegance. Choose between the soft folds of roman shades, the innovation and energy efficiency of honeycomb shades, or the clean lines of roller shades, our selection ensures your taste and practicality for your space. 

Soluna™ Roller Shades

Need entryway window treatments that are family-safe and functional? Soluna™ Roller Shades feature Best for Kids certified PrecisionLift™ Cordless lift system which allows you to raise or lower the shade to the exact height effortlessly without the hazard of cords. 

With excellent light control and a contemporary look, they achieve the perfect room ambiance morning, noon, and night.

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Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades

Innovation meets beauty in our Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades. The Cellular honeycomb shades’ energy-efficient design features unique cell pocket architecture that insulates and keeps your home more comfortable year-round. Available in a wide array of fabrics and colors, they are one of our most popular window shades!

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Centerpiece™ Roman Shades

Crafted with a range of fabrics in a variety of textures and colors, Centerpiece™ Roman Shades are a modern, sophisticated window treatment. Superior privacy control has never looked better! 

Custom-made fabric Roman Shades work for front doors, sliding glass doors, French Doors sidelights, and more.

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PerfectSheer™ Shades

PerfectSheer™‘s soft interplay of light, colors and shadows elevates decor and privacy control to a new level of elegance and softness. The look of soft folds create a delicate silhouette, keeping your entryway or living room inviting and warm with the beauty of natural light. 

Light-diffusing sheers offer the convenience of a shade while boosting the overall elegance and aesthetic of your space. Select privacy sheers for added security.

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Sidelight Shutters

Sidelight shutters introduce a distinctive visual element to your space, leaving a lasting impression. With durability and low-maintenance as key features, our shutters are a timeless investment that enhances both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your windows.

Woodlore® Shutters

Plantation shutters are a go-to customizable option for a proper fit on your sidelight windows. Built to last a lifetime, Woodlore® shutters feature smooth, durable and robust coating that protects against scratching, yellowing, fading and heat damage.

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Brightwood™ Shutters

The best parts of Normandy® and Woodlore® shutters are incorporated in the stylish Brightwood™ shutters. Wider panels mean sleek modern design with less obstructions to the outside views. In addition, a wide range of custom options makes Brightwood™ a more affordable way to cover windows in any size, any paint color, and any shape.

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Normandy® Shutters

Sophisticated and unique, with real hardwood’s unmistakable natural beauty and luxury.  The Paulownia hardwood in Normandy® shutters offers luxurious wood graining with elegant natural characteristics exhibiting both depth and character. With the custom color option, you can specify any stains to match your door.

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Choose the Perfect Sidelight Window Treatment

  • Personal Style: opt for esthetics that align with your individual preferences, from classic to modern, traditional to eclectic.
  • Light Control and Privacy: try adjustable window treatments to manage natural light levels while ensuring desired levels of privacy.
  • Energy efficiency: Options that contribute to energy efficiency, such as insulated materials or treatments that help regulate interior temperatures.
  • Matching Existing Decor: window treatments that seamlessly complement and enhance the overall decor and design elements of the living space.

Enjoy the Best Quality and Design Options with Norman®

Norman®’s workmanship, precise fit, and endless customization options make finding the perfect sidelight shutters, blinds, or shades a piece of cake. 

Norman® window treatments have a classic elegance and aesthetic appeal that elevates any room. Durable construction makes Norman® window treatments last a lifetime. Customize your dream window coverings with help from our design team today!


We love the quality, ease of opening and closing, and the look has completely changed the feel of the rooms that were updated.

Kathy H.

I’m SO pleased with my purchase! All of my window coverings are beautiful.

Carol C.

We were beyond pleased with the product… I’ve already told my neighbors about them.

Lisa B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are sidelight window treatments different from regular ones?

Sidelight window treatments differ from regular ones due to their vertical, narrow design, specifically tailored to fit the dimensions and unique characteristics of the vertical windows flanking doorways.

How do I measure for sidelight blinds to ensure a proper fit?

Measure the width and height of each individual sidelight window within the door frame, accounting for any obstructions.

What are the best materials for sidelight blinds?

The best materials for sidelight blinds are aluminum, faux wood, and fabric.

Can I use sidelight blinds for both doors and windows?

Yes, sidelight blinds can be used for both doors and windows, as long as the dimensions and design of the blinds are appropriate for the specific size and structure.