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Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Top-Down Bottom-Up (TDBU) cellular shades offer adjustability from the top and bottom providing extra versatility, light control and privacy.  TDBU cellular shades allow light in from the top of the shade while the bottom can be closed to maintain privacy.

But not all TDBUs are created equal. Traditional TDBUs have two or more cords running down the middle of the shade, creating distinct lines, which are an eyesore and obstruct your view.

Norman’s innovative SmartFit® design solves these problems:

  • offers TDBU adjustment
  • eliminates middle cords
  • is free from pull cords for safety
  • presents a more streamlined look
  • is tight fitting on the sides for improved privacy and light blocking

If you desire the functionality of a TDBU cellular shade without the drawbacks, consider SmartFit®

“SmartFit® – Next Generation TDBU Technology”

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