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Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Top-down bottom-up shades, also known as “duo-fold” or “dual-function” shades, are a type of window shades that provide versatile light and privacy control. These window treatments can be adjusted from both the top and the bottom, allowing you to control the amount of light and visibility in your space while maintaining optimal privacy.

The vast majority of TDBU shades are cellular honeycomb shades, available in a variety of material and designs, so you can choose the one that complements your interior décor while offering practical functionality.

Why Should I Get TDBU Shades?

Enhanced Privacy Control

Top-down bottom-up shades offer the flexibility to maintain privacy while still enjoying sunlight. By adjusting the top portion and bottom of the shade independently, you can block the view into your space without completely closing off the window. They are an excellent choice for rooms facing busy streets that need a perfect balance of letting in natural light without exposing the interior of your room.

Get Ideal Light Control

Light-filtering window treatments just got better. Unlike traditional shades, the unique design and TDBU functionality allow you to customize the amount of natural light entering your space. You can adjust light control from the top, bottom, or both, creating a pleasant ambiance. They even help blackout glare when you’re watching TV and they reduce the overall need for artificial lighting.

Enjoy Versatility

The unique construction of these shades gives them significant advantages and limitless design possibilities in a living room, bedroom, or even bathroom. Not only can they provide versatile light control but they also give greater temperature control and levels of UV protection. Available fabric types, colors, and on-trend designs that are fully customizable you can complement any style preference.

Be Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient honeycomb cellular shades are sought after for their insulating properties and now you can get similar benefits here as well. Properly adjusted top-down bottom-up shades can help regulate indoor temperatures. Allowing natural light while covering the lower part of the window can reduce heat gain in warmer months, while still providing insulation in colder weather. 

But not all cellular TDBUs are created equal. Traditional TDBUs have two or more cords running down the middle of the shade, creating distinct lines, which are an eyesore and obstruct your view.

Smart Motorization

Convenience now comes in a single tap control and an intuitive remote control. Cordless technology made simple, Norman® Smart Motorization creates child-safe worry-free experiences for homeowners with young children. The top-down or bottom-up functionality can be adjusted remotely with the unique dual motor design. Never worry about a pesky power cord again! An innovative wireless charging wand makes it easier than ever to recharge window coverings safely.

SmartFit® Dual Shades with Frame

But not all cellular TDBUs are created equal. Traditional TDBUs have two or more cords running down the middle of the shade, creating distinct lines, which are an eyesore and obstruct your view. If you desire the functionality of a TDBU cellular shade without the drawbacks, consider SmartFit®. 

Norman®’s innovative SmartFit® design features a more streamlined look and tight-fitting closure on the sides for improved privacy and light blocking. The dual shades working in tandem allow you to raise or lower either fabric independently, resulting in more privacy and light control flexibility. Learn more about our honeycomb shades.

Where Should I Use Top-Down Shades?

TDBU shades are a great upgrade for bedrooms, living rooms, and nurseries. They offer the perfect amount of light control and privacy in areas where you want to enjoy outdoor views while keeping prying eyes out. Their ability to insulate and regulate a comfortable room temperature is a big advantage in these spaces as well. 

They can also be useful in dining areas, as they allow you to set the lighting mood while keeping unwanted views blocked. And If you have a home office, these shades can help you control glare on your computer screen while still letting in enough light to create a comfortable workspace.

Choose the Right Shades for your Home With Norman® 

Cordless shades are a hot product, and top down bottom up shades are sure to instantly elevate the aesthetics of your home. Cordless cellular shade styles can help you maximize energy savings, and opting for an automated lift mechanism gives total control over light and privacy levels at all times. Enjoy the convenience and safety of Norman® Smart Motorization with just the touch of a button!

With so many great options, it can be hard to choose. Norman®’s collection of Top Down Bottom Up Shades has a unique combination of luxury fashion and high-performance functionality. Need to cover large windows or specialty-shaped window frames? No problem. Our professional team can help customizable our superior products to meet your exact needs at a reasonable price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are top-down bottom-up shades different from traditional shades?

A: Unlike roller shades or Roman shades, these shades can be adjusted from both the top and the bottom independently, allowing for versatile control over light and privacy.

Q: What types of spaces are top-down bottom-up shades suitable for?

A: Top-down bottom-up shades are suitable for virtually any room in your home. For example, they are suitable for kitchens and living rooms where you would like some light to come in from the top, while still having some privacy at the bottom.

Q: Are TDBU shades available in different materials and styles?

A: Yes! Norman® offers TDBU shades in hundreds of colors, prints and fabrics to match your unique style preferences.

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