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Motorized Shades: Elegant Innovation

Effortless and Convenient Elegance

Motorized shades offer an array of compelling benefits for homeowners. Their seamless integration into smart home systems allows you to easily sync motorized shades and control them through voice commands or smartphone apps. This level of smart home integration not only enhances convenience but also enables you to create custom schedules, so your shades can open and close automatically, optimizing natural light and privacy throughout the day.

Remote control is another key advantage. Available in various motor options, these elegant shades offer flexibility and compatibility with different window configurations and even improve energy efficiency.

Why Choose Motorized Shades?

  • Convenience: They offer effortless operation with remote control or smartphone apps, allowing you to adjust them from anywhere in your home.
  • Security: Automated shades can be programmed to open and close at specific times, creating the illusion of an occupied home and enhancing security, especially when you’re away.
  • Cordless Design: They eliminate the need for cords and manual mechanisms, making them safer for households with children or pets, and providing a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.
  • Energy Efficiency: These shades can respond to changing weather conditions, optimizing natural light and temperature control, which can reduce energy consumption and lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Customization: They come in various styles, colors, and fabrics, allowing you to find the perfect window covering to match your interior design and personal preferences.
  • Home Value: The addition of motorized shades can enhance the overall value and appeal of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Your Motorization Control Options

AutoWand™ Shade Motorization

AutoWand™ offers budget-friendly convenience without compromising on quality or performance. It’s simple yet effective wand design allows you to retrofit existing window shades, making it an accessible choice for those looking to upgrade their window coverings without breaking the bank. 

The user-friendly design is certified “Best for Kids”, providing a safe and convenient motorized shade solution.

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Norman® Smart Motorization Remote

Norman® Smart Motorization Remote controls an innovative wireless charging wand that eliminates the inconvenience or danger of traditional cords and automated systems that require difficult recharging. The sleek minimalist design won’t ruin the aesthetic of your interior design, and you can switch between your favorite shade positions at the press of a button. 

Remote control motorization is especially convenient for large windows in common areas and where you want complete control over light and privacy.

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Norman® Smart Motorization Single Tap

Elegant technology doesn’t have to be complicated! Norman® Smart Motorization Single Tap is designed to create simpler, safer, and worry-free experiences. Using single tap control, you can quickly adjust the automated movements of the shade. 

Simply tap once to stop the shade mid-movement, and tap again to raise or lower with ease. Single tap shades also include an auto brake feature to keep small children and pets safe.

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Norman® App

With the Norman® App you can sync your motorized shades with your favorite smart home systems and speakers like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings. Schedule your shades to raise and lower around your daily use and routine, or with voice control.

Motorized Roman Shades

Motorized Roman Shades stand out as a harmonious blend of timeless aesthetics and modern technology. These shades can be effortlessly controlled through remote devices or integrated into your home’s smart automation system, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance in your living room or dining room with the touch of a button or a voice command. The rechargeable battery saves time and improves user safety.

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Motorized Cellular Shades

Featuring industry-leading construction, contemporary style, and award-winning energy-efficient design, Motorized Honeycomb Shades are a great choice for any room of the house. 

These ​smart shades trap air between the cells to help keep your space at the optimal temperature year-round. Their luxury fabrics come in sheer, light-filtering, and room-darkening options. Schedule motorized shades with a timer or adjust with the click of a button.

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Motorized Roller Shades

Grace your home with the style and comfort of motorized roller shades. With over 300+ delicate roller fabrics to choose from, you can add rich color and texture to your bedroom or dining room while also reducing glare, increasing privacy and light control. 

Featuring exclusive one-touch lift technology for quick and accurate control, the PrecisionLift™ Cordless lift system allows you to raise and lower the shade easily without dangerous cords.

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Norman® Is the Top Choice for Motorized Window Treatments

With a reputation built on decades of excellence in the window covering industry, Norman® stands out as the top choice for motorized window treatments. Their cutting-edge technology allows for effortless control of blinds and shades through various smart devices, enhancing energy efficiency and providing a modern, connected living experience. 

For the perfect combination of functionality and elegance in motorized window treatments, explore all our collection has to offer.

Norman® Smart Motorization

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost of motorized shades?

Motorized shades offer budget flexibility, ensuring options for all. Our Autowand shades stand out as an affordable yet high-quality choice, making motorized window solutions accessible to everyone. With varying budgets in mind, these shades provide a seamless blend of functionality and style for any space.

What power source do motorized shades use?

Motorized shades typically use electric power sources, such as a built-in battery or connection to a standard household electrical outlet.

Can I control motorized shades when I'm not at home?

Yes, you can control them remotely when you're not at home, often through smartphone apps or home automation systems.

Are motorized shades safe for homes with children and pets?

Yes, motorized shades eliminate the risk of entanglement, ensuring a safer environment for small kids and pets.

Are motorized shades compatible with smart home systems?

Yes, motorized shades are often compatible with smart home systems, allowing you to integrate them seamlessly into your home automation setup and control them through voice commands or a mobile device.

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