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Roller Shades for Large Windows

Roller shades can be made in extra wide widths and heights to accommodate the largest of windows.  When window openings are extremely wide they usually consist of a number of sections with mullions in between them.  These openings may be covered with individual shades that can be tied together with a common top treatment to create a unified, custom look.

For ease of operation, side by side wide roller shades can be coupled to allow the combined shades to be operated simultaneously.  This can be a budget friendly option for motorized shades as only one motor would be required.

Today’s roller shades are a modern twist on a classic design.  Roller shades offer a sleek appearance and come in a wide range of fabrics that provide varying levels of light control and privacy.

Norman’s Soluna™ Roller Shades come in a choice of top treatments and lift systems including our award-winning PrecisionLift™ cordless system.

We also offer a selection of Soluna™ Solar Shades for the finest in UV protection while maintaining your view.  The new 100% polyester fabrics are lighter, more fashionable and softer to the touch than traditional solar shades without sacrificing durability.

Whether your desire is for light control, privacy, fashion or all three, Norman® has a roller shade solution for your large windows.  Learn more


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