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Vertical Blinds & Window Treatments

Vertical blinds are a popular and budget-friendly option suitable for large windows, patio doors, sliding glass doors, or just about any window. The light-blocking slats offer adjustability to vary the desired amount of light and privacy.


Discover Our Synchrony™ Vertical Blinds 

Our Synchrony™ Vertical Blinds, has revolutionized the traditional vertical blind.  The valance-free design offers a sleek, modern, appearance with greater light-blocking capability and no unattractive valances to fall off, break, or fail.

Choose from a variety of styles, colors, and textures including drapery like S curved vanes. Explore the Synchrony™ Vertical Blind to learn the various features & benefits, color options, and specifications crafted to fit any size, shape, color, lifestyle, or budget.

Main Vertical Blinds Features

Beyond aesthetics, vertical blinds allow for easy cleaning and adjustment, providing seamless coverage for wide windows. They feature several other key benefits:

  • Durability: Vertical blinds are known for their robust and durable construction, resistance to wear and tear makes them suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Easy Maintenance: Dust and dirt are less likely to accumulate due to the vertical orientation, making them easier to clean with a quick wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Fit for Large Windows: The vertical orientation allows for easy adjustment, making them a popular choice for tall windows or sliding glass doors.
  • Material Options: Available in a variety of materials to cater to different preferences and functional needs, common materials include PVC (vinyl),
    light filtering fabric, and aluminum.

When Should I Use Vertical Blinds?

Sliding Glass Doors

Vertical blinds are one of the easiest window treatments for doors due to their vertical orientation.

They offer easy access to the door while providing effective light control and privacy when closed. Smooth slats complement the vertical movement of French doors and sliding doors, ensuring a seamless and functional window treatment.

Large Windows

Perfect for covering large windows where traditional horizontal blinds might be less practical.

The vertical orientation allows for smooth and easy adjustment, providing full coverage for expansive window spaces. Customizable sizing options make vertical blinds an excellent choice for maintaining a cohesive look on oversized windows.

Office Spaces

Vertical blinds are an ideal choice in office environments for their practicality and professional appearance. They offer precise light control, with Blackout options to reduce glare on computer screens and maintain a comfortable work environment. Easy maintenance makes them a practical choice for busy office settings. They’re also great for home office spaces.

Living Rooms with High Ceilings

Vertical blinds are a great choice for living rooms with high ceilings, adding a sense of depth and grandeur to the space. Their simple style draws the eye upward, creating an illusion of larger vertical space. Effective light control in the living room is crucial, and vertical blinds provide the flexibility to adjust light levels while maintaining privacy.

Other Vertical Window Treatments

Looking for something different than blinds? Shop our trending collection including shutters, cellular honeycombs, and SmartDrape™ sheer shades:

SmartDrape™ Shades

Experience the unique flow-through feature of SmartDrape™ Shades, the individually constructed stylish fabric vanes create sheer panels for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Portrait™ Vertical Honeycomb Shades

Vertical cellular honeycomb shades are attractive and functional, and provide an energy-saving solution for one of the largest sources of heating/cooling loss in your home. Choose from a collection of fabrics to enhance your decor with Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades.

Norman® Sliding Glass Door Shutters

Crafted with durable materials, Bi-fold and Bi-pass shutters are an elegant and timeless solution for vertical applications. Explore our window shutter catalog!


Q: Are Vertical Blinds Easy to Clean?

A: Yes, vertical window blinds are generally easy to clean, often requiring a simple wipe with a damp cloth.

Q: Are Vertical Blinds Budget-Friendly?

A: Yes, composite and faux wood vertical blinds are often a cost-effective window treatment option compared to some products.

Q: Can Vertical Blinds Be Customized for Specific Window Sizes?

A: Yes, custom vertical blinds are made to fit specific window sizes, offering flexibility in design and functionality. A perfect fit guaranteed!

Q: Are There Any Cordless Options?

A: Yes, cordless blinds are available, providing a safer and more streamlined solution for homes with children or pets.

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